mild® Procedure. Lasting Relief.

An hour may change everything for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).

Find out how this quick outpatient procedure addresses a major root cause of LSS and may help patients stand longer and walk farther* with less pain.

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Life’s too short to live in pain.

By incorporating powerful, sophisticated pain-relieving treatments into customized plans of care, our pain management experts provide patients with the ability to return to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Do you experience pain or numbness in your lower back when standing upright?

Your Next Step Could be mild®

mild® is an early treatment option to consider if more conservative therapies, such as physical therapy or pain medications, are not providing adequate relief. The mild ® Procedure addresses a major root cause of LSS by removing excess ligament tissue to restore space in the spinal canal. The procedure typically takes less than an hour and requires no implants, stitches, general anesthesia, steroids, or opioids. Patients typically resume normal activity within 24 hours with no restrictions.

mild® is nationally covered by Medicare (all ages, all plan types) nationwide and many commercial insurers are currently reviewing payment policies.

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Safety and Outcomes

mild® is a safe procedure that can help lumbar spinal stenosis patients stand longer and walk farther with less pain.

  • Proven to be as safe as an injection1
  • Over 25,000 patients treated to date
  • Clinical data has shown a 7X increase in standing time and a 16× increase in walking distance2

1-2Based on clinical data from MiDAS ENCORE1 & Cleveland Clinic2 studies; references available at