What Patients Are Saying*

3 weeks ago
Dr Griffith Evans is the absolute best Doctor I’ve had for pain…and I’ve seen a few. I’ve had pain doctors that have given up on what is causing my pain, but not Dr Evans. Because of Dr Evans, and his will to help, I’m able to function with everyday life. I’m able to work. I was so close to giving up on myself because of my pain, until I met Dr Evans. I owe this man everything.
Mike James
2 months ago
I feel like Family when I visit the clinic, in Omaha! They care and that's hard to find in today's health care system...Rick Bultez
Rick Bultez
3 months ago
Spouse was there before and had good results That’s why coming back
Theresa Archer
5 months ago
The entire staff was attentive and professional. I always feel they are on top condition and want to help me heal and be back to normal
Kenneth Oetter
5 months ago
A few years ago I was 48 and my back had caused problems for years and kept getting worse. I was doing physical therapy and execising daily and not getting better. I have had 3 PRP procedures over three years performed by Dr. Evans and each time my pain has dropped to a lower plateau. I do not have daily pain like I used to before treatments. I'm surprised that insurance does not cover this since it has helped so much and I don't have to go to physical therapy or the chiropractor as much. I appreciate that they slightly lowered the price for the second and third procedure. Nancy, Dr. Evan's nurse is very helpful and easy to work with. Thank you to all at Momenta!
Ron Kurtz
6 months ago
Amazing patient service and unbelievably knowledgeable. It’s so comforting to see all staff so incredibly passionate about health care and my need to be not only pain free but fixing the underlying problems.
Kevin Hooker
9 months ago
Dr Piperis is very impressive, he did a very thorough exam, he is so smart and he actually cares unlike other providers I've seen recently. Highly recommend
Carrie Hageman
10 months ago
I have been a long time patient of Dr Piperis, he came to the hospital to meet me over 11 years ago. He listens to me, and what I have to say, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr Piperis and his staff is the best in town.
Toni A Scott
11 months ago
very friendly yet professional staff. The Doctors show true concern and commitment to your improvement.
Morris Caudle
12 months ago
Momenta Pain Care is a place where you feel at home. Great Doctor's who care about the patient, not you are just a patient. The whole medical staff has a great staff which goes to show you how much they care.
Connie R
12 months ago
Just a great place. All the people that work there are awesome. Dr. P makes it a mission to help you feel better.
Doug Mcclure
12 months ago
After years of seeing other Drs, with little improvement and unable to work, I was sent to Dr. Piperis and he gave me my life back. He tried PRP injections and I finally felt relief. I’m so thankful. I went back to school, graduated and just accepted a full-time position. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Dr. Piperis and his awesome staff.
Suzy Theophilus
12 months ago
Excellent care and friendly staff. Dr. Evans is great!
Tony Matejko
12 months ago
Very professional easy to work with listen to my problems Sound Solutions great place to work with.
Dan Harlan
1 year ago
Incredible knowledge and insight gained from just one visit! I would recommend this place to anyone looking to improve their pain and overall movement potential.
Will Morales
1 year ago
I have been to several pain clinics over the last 11 years and I can honestly say momenta is the very best by far! Awesome receptionist, billing, insurance and Dr Piperis is the very best I’ve seen! Would recommend them to anyone
Thomas Pavlik
1 year ago
One of the most thorough medical appointments I've ever experienced. Dr. Inbarasu listened intently, asked relevant questions, answered my questions and suggested a path forward. I highly recommend Momenta Pain Care.
David Fringer
1 year ago
Dr. Inbarasu and his staff are both caring and empathetic about my pain issues, and knowledgeable about ways to remedy them.
Thomas Matthews
1 year ago
I had a very good experience. Everyone was very professional and friendly. The procedure itself was almost pain free. I'm very happy with the results.
Gary Young
1 year ago
Dr Evans is very through and compassionate. He genuinely cares and listens and works to get best course of treatment. I could not ask for a better doctor! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for solutions to their pain. The office staff and nurses are wonderful too!
Sheila Wolz
1 year ago
Dr. Evans is the best Pain management doctor. Always caring and listening. While explaining how and why the treatment should be and carefully examining where the pain stems from. Staff always has a smile for u and always striving to see how they can assist you. .
Linda Ewald
1 year ago
Dr Piperis and his staff are Superb and I would recommend Momenta to anyone who is in need of relief.
Emmanuel Vlassakis
1 year ago
Momenta pain care clinic and Dr. G Evens gave me my life back. He is a awesome doctor he is very nice and easy to talk to, he explains if I don't understand something. Dr. Evens is very smart and he knows all the tricks of the trade to ease anyone's pain. Starting as you walk into the clinic the girls up front who check you in are very sweet i think they knew my name by my second appointment. The lady that schedules your appointments is very nice and is good at finding you that perfect appointment. Here at momenta pain clinic the nurses are fantastic, they are a cut above. All in all I would say if you needed a place to go for pain relief Momenta pain clinic is the place to go, they will take care of you in a Professional but nice way..
Margaret Huston
1 year ago
The entire staff at Momenta Pain Care provided a a friendly and safe environment during my procedure. Dr. Evans and his assistant are truly professional from start to finish. A very enjoyable visit. I would highly recommend this facility for your pain management needs. Sincerely
Michael Spomer
1 year ago
Dr. Piperis is an excellent pain management doctor. His expertise, honesty and excellent personality is hard to find! I have been with Dr. Piperis for over 18 years. He has given me back a life to be able to do things that I struggled with every day with uncontrolled pain! I recommend him to everyone in need of finding relief! Excellent doctor!!!!
Debbie Lidgett
1 year ago
I arrived early for my appointment and was taken right in after a few minutes. Dr. Piperis’s assistant, Caroline, I was informative and helpful. Dr. Piperis was very thorough with my injection. I didn’t feel any pain.
Paul Bitsos
1 year ago
One of the best pain clinics I have been to. Dr. Inbarasu was my specialist. He was very caring, made all of my options easy to understand, and provided different methods to get the results I was looking for. I’m a veteran and was referred to this clinic by the VA, so I know they weren’t seeing me for a profit. It’s places like this that truly care about their patients!
Abby Leaf
1 year ago
I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff. Dr. Peperis explained my condition and treatment options thoroughly and listened to me and answered all of my questions. I'm looking forward to my procedure and feel confident my pain will be decreased.
Judy Fischer Ferguson
1 year ago
Momenta Pain Care is a great facility for individuals with pain needs. The staff is extremely caring. Dr. Inbarasu is a very thorough, knowledgable, compassionate Doctor who genuinely cares about the needs of his patients.
Mareaeric Campagna
1 year ago
Dr. Evan's is always at the top of his game. I trust him unconditionally.
Connie Buckingham
1 year ago
Excellent patient care and thorough medical examination with great feedback and potential treatment data.
Mark Beischel
2 years ago
Dr. Piperis and the others at Momenta Pain Care are nice, honest and caring. I've been going to see him for almost two decades. He accesses the problem/point of pain very accurately. They give me an injection for my pain management. Works from 3 months-1 year each shot. They last a year or more for me. I highly recommend them.
Stephanie Friday
2 years ago
The care I received was top notch as always. The staff are always wonderful. Sheryl continues to go above and beyond to help provide comfort and wonderful care, always with a smile and contagious laugh. Dr. Piperis is the only doctor that has actually brought me relief and a sense of normalcy back to life. There aren’t words to express how grateful I am to have found this practice. Highly recommend!!!!
Erin O'brien
2 years ago
Dr. Piperis is second to none! He definitely knows what he’s doing and I trust him with not only my broken back, but my life!!! His staff is unbelievably amazing, kind, thoughtful, and great!!! Yes, you should call his office now! Stop reading and start dialing ❤️ T Nelson
T & Rick Nelson
2 years ago
Such a friendly and caring clinic!! Dr Piperis is very thorough and listens to me intently as we work through my symptoms. I think we make a good team! My procedure this week went well. Dr Piperis let me know each step during the procedure. I felt less anxious because of that! Another visit to discuss MRI report - all details explained and all questions answered! Very kind and compassionate 😊
Nancy C
2 years ago
I've seen Dr. For a few years, and years ago his business partner I seen many times. I love how caring and concerned he is about my issues. Thank you Dr. E. 😊
Pam Piazza
2 years ago
The whole staff is very professional and Dr. Evans has provided great relief for my back pain.
Loren Ilg
2 years ago
These doctors take the time to listen to your problem of your pain source and they, get the job done.
Doug Stephens
2 years ago
This clinic is excellent. The staff are courteous, Efficient, and really go the extra mile. I couldn't recommend them more. If you have issues with pain like me, This is the place to go.
Kevin Pike
2 years ago
Love Dr Piperis! He’s the best! Always fixes me right up!
Terri Lahair
2 years ago
Very nice experience. Friendly staff and Dr Piperis is very knowledgeable
Pamela Wilson
4 years ago
Dr Piperis is wonderful. He's very cheerful, positive and takes time to listen to you about your pain. He takes his time to think what specific route to treat your pain. He'll give you options and educate you on them. I've had 3 procedures done that have been helpful for me. I have complete confidence in him.
Jenni V
6 years ago
Dr. Piperis was awesome. He was very upbeat. Just talking to him uplifted my husband and gave him the confidence in the care he was providing. He didn't give false hope, was realistic, and very truthful. A wonderful consultation/ injection. Awesome team of healthcare professionals.
Felicia Walker

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