Regenexx Knee Arthritis Webinar

Before you consider joint replacement for your knee arthritis, join Regenexx Founder, Dr. Chris Centeno, to understand how Regenexx provides a non-surgical alternative to surgery that uses your body’s own cells to promote improved knee function and pain relief from knee injuries and arthritis. We’ve helped others like you avoid knee replacement surgery and maintain their active lifestyles.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the future of medicine is shifting towards non-surgical, needle-based orthopedic procedures
  • What Regenexx procedures are and the goals of these non-surgical treatments
  • Who is a candidate for a Regenexx procedure and who isn’t
  • Answers to the most common questions people have about the procedures
  • Why Regenexx is responsible for a major percentage of the published research on interventional orthopedic procedures.
  • Case studies / stories from Regenexx patients

Regenexx Live Patient Outcome Data

Regenexx is unique in that it maintains an active patient registry that continually pings patients about their progress or side effects post-procedure. As a result, we keep records on tens of thousands of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network in our outcomes database. Regenexx is the only company that has tracked an orthopedic patient population of this size, who were treated with bone marrow concentrate. In our effort to be completely transparent with potential patients, we make these results available through our website. You can see for yourself how many procedures we’re tracking and the results patients have reported. With Regenexx, you have the tools you need to make an informed decision about what treatment option is right for you.

Find Out If You Are A Candidate

If you are suffering from arthritis, joint or muscle injury, spine pain, a sports-related injury, or other degenerative orthopedic condition, you may be a good candidate for Regenexx. Please complete the Procedure Candidate Form below and we will get back to you with more information after your form is received.